Westchester Health Pediatrics Introduces New Website


Westchester Health Pediatrics Introduces New, Mobile-Friendly Website Brimming With Wellness Advice for Patients, Parents & Families

New URL Ushers In Unparalleled Level of Convenience for Busy Moms & Dads

Katonah, NY, March 30, 2015 – Considering that more than 50 percent of people access healthcare providers through a mobile device, Westchester Health Pediatrics (WHP) today is unveiling a new, mobile-friendly website that will be a boon to Westchester and Putnam County parents. Along with the new site, WHP is enhancing its Facebook page to foster expansion of its online community.

Using the new site, www.pediatricswestchester.com, parents and parents-to-be can access more than 170 pages of information on topics ranging from pre-natal care and bringing a new baby home to the best ingredients for a happy family and salient tips to manage the teen years.

Parents interested in the new site should explore it for themselves and then “like” the new Facebook page. That way, those parents will receive the many helpful social media updates WHP plans to issue on a regular basis.

Ever since the WHP practice was founded in 2007, its pediatricians have gone beyond providing high quality healthcare to forming close relationships with patients and their parents – a truly collaborative and personalized way to ensure the best, well-rounded care for kids.

The new WHP website elevates that commitment technologically through advanced search options and an easy-on-the-eyes layout, making it simple for parents on the go to connect with their doctors and tap the latest information on raising healthy kids.

“Many of us are parents ourselves – and we bring our parental sides to our daily interactions with patients and their parents. We truly think of our practice as a great place to grow up,” said Lauren Adler, MD, one of WHP’s pediatricians. “Our new site makes it easier than ever for parents juggling 100 things at once to schedule appointments, contact us with any concerns or updates, and learn more about new research and current health news that might affect their children.”

Easily accessible whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or home computer, the new WHP site covers a wide range of services for everyone from expectant parents to babies, toddlers, teens, and young adults. The site quickly helps parents to see where they should go to find the information most appropriate for their child’s stage of development.

Services range from ADD evaluation, adolescent needs, and substance abuse support to pre-natal care, nutritional assessments, sick visits, well visits and much more. WHP also has several specialists covering allergies and immunology, endocrinology, neurology and sports medicine.

Beyond delineating the many WHP services, the site also has sections created to meet the unique needs of certain parents, as well, including the Stay-At-Home Dad and The New Parent.

“In the past few years, our practice has seen a significant increase in the number of Dads who accompany their children to checkups,” added Dr. Adler. “The questions that Dads often raise are quite different than what a Mom usually asks. So our site has a special section that offers the type of guidance that resonates best with fathers.”


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