Welcome To Our Family

— CEO Peter Mercurio, MD, FACC

At Westchester Health Pediatrics, we love what we do: taking care of children and helping them stay well. To serve you whenever, wherever you need us, we have 11 offices in Westchester County, as well as extended office hours in the evenings and on weekends. To complement our exceptional roster of pediatricians, we also have an extended team of pediatric specialists in the fields of asthma, allergy and immunology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, rheumatology and surgery.

Most of all, we love connecting with you — parents and patients — and believe that the strength of the physician-patient-parent relationship is as essential to our patients’ care as diagnosing illness or giving vaccines. This is what makes Westchester Health Pediatrics different, and why we believe our patients and their families truly feel at home here.

It’s not just about medicine — it’s about building relationships

When you and your child walk in the door, our staff knows you, or soon gets to know you. We encourage you to be involved in your child’s care, to ask questions, to share your concerns and observations. We take as much time as necessary to give you and your child the personalized support, guidance and educational tools you need. Every time you leave our office, we want you to have peace of mind as well as medical advice.

Slide1A team effort

While it may not take a whole village to keep a child healthy, it certainly takes a whole team: the child, parents and our doctors. Together, working as a unified team, we collectively decide what the best course of action should be for your child’s health and wellness in each individual situation.

We also focus on the health aspect of healthcare

As well as taking care of your children when they’re sick or injured, we focus on helping them develop healthy habits which can stay with them throughout their lives, such as healthy eating, an active lifestyle, getting enough rest, avoiding sports injuries and safe ways to lose weight to overcome obesity. We also counsel them, with you, about the serious health dangers of smoking, alcohol and drugs.

We’re glad you’re here

At Westchester Health Pediatrics, I confidently speak for every pediatrician here when I say that we love caring for the health needs of your children and look forward to a continuing relationship with you and your child as the years go by.

Westchester Health Pediatrics

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