Our pediatric endocrinology specialist is an expert at caring for children with endocrine disorders

An endocrinologist is a medical doctor with specialty training in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the endocrine system, including obesity, adrenal disorders, thyroid problems, growth disorders, pituitary disorders and disorders of puberty.

At Westchester Health Pediatrics, we are pleased to have Joan DiMartino-Nardi, MD as our endocrinology specialist. Currently Director of Pediatric Endocrinology at Northern Westchester Hospital, Dr. DiMartino-Nardi has authored nearly 60 research articles, medical chapters and reviews. She is also listed in Westchester Magazine as one of Westchester’s “Top Doctors.”

Our endocrinology specialist works closely with your child’s pediatrician and other specialists to coordinate and implement the best treatment plan for your child’s individual needs. This multidisciplinary team stays in close contact with you and your child throughout the course of his/her treatment, ensuring the highest level of clinical care. Also, our team provides you with important education regarding lifestyle changes you and your child can make to manage his/her endocrine disorder.

Dr. DiMartino-Nardi’s team provides comprehensive endocrine testing including: ACTH Stimulation Testing, GNRH Stimulation Testing, Oral Glucose Tolerance Testing and Growth Hormone Stimulation Testing — all in a caring pediatric environment.

Dr. DiMartino-Nardi has extensive expertise in treating children with a variety of endocrine system diseases, including:

  • Adrenal disorders: Addison’s disease, adrenogenital  syndrome, adrenal hyperplasia, Cushing’s syndrome
  • Growth: short and tall stature including Growth Hormone Deficiency, Idiopathic Short Stature, Small for Gestational Age, SHOX deficiency, Turner’s and Klinefelter’s syndromes
  • Obesity: causes and complications of obesity including Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome, dyslipidemia, hypertension
  • Pubertal  and menstrual disorders: precocious puberty, delayed puberty, gynecomastia, menstrual irregularities (including polycystic ovary syndrome and non-classical adrenal hyperplasia), gonadal failure
  • Pituitary disorders: growth hormone deficiency, gonadotrophin deficiency, hyper-prolactinemia, Cushing’s disease, diabetes insipidus, pituitary adenoma
  • Thyroid disorders: congenital hypothyroidism, hyper- and hypothyroidism, goiter, thyroid nodules

If you think your child might have an endocrine disorder, please check in with your pediatrician or contact Dr. DiMartino-Nardi directly.

You can reach Dr. DiMartino-Nardi, our Endocrinology Specialist, at this location:
Westchester Health Pediatrics: Chappaqua Office
480 Bedford Road
Chappaqua, NY 10514
(914) 458-8800